Australian Whites

Tattykeel – Birthplace of the Australian White Sheep Breed

Rigorous line breeding and stringent selection criteria were used by the Tattykeel team to develop and refine the Australian White Sheep Breed.

Poll Dorsets

Tattykeel – world renowned for producing Elite Poll Dorsets

True to their breed type, moderate in size, packed with meat and bred to finish on grass. Tattykeel Poll Dorsets are sought after the world over.

Tattykeel Angus

Tattykeel – making their mark in the cattle breeding industry

Soft easy doing Angus with moderate frame size, full of meat and bred to finish on grass. Focusing on structurally sound animals.

Eating Quality

Tattykeel Australian White Lamb is being touted as the Wagyu of the lamb industry.

Our research proves it has naturally occurring intramuscular fat, a low fat melting point and is a source of Omega 3.


Tattykeel has a history of producing consistent quality, award winning meat sheep through improved genetics and breeding.

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The Gilmore Family’s original farm in Ireland was called “Tattykeel”, and in honour of his ancestors John Gilmore chose it to also be the name of his property in Black Springs, NSW.


It was here that John and Mavis Gilmore first established the Tattykeel Dorset Horn Stud in 1959 using the best genetics available at the time. Competing at major sheep shows , their sheep quickly became a regular fixture in the winner’s circle.


The Tattykeel Poll Dorset Stud was later established in 1964, and the Poll Dorset’s soon became the main breed in the family’s meat sheep studs. As a direct result of the family’s focus on breeding quality sheep, Tattykeel have consistently taken out Broad Ribbons at major shows in NSW and Victoria.


Graham and Martin Gilmore took their parents focus on quality a step further and intensified the line breeding principals used in the stud to further improve the quality and consistency of the sheep.


Tattykeel is now considered the most successful Poll Dorset Stud on record in the Australian Show and Sale rings and birth place of the Australian White breed.


Graham and Martin Gilmore took their parents focus on quality a step further and intensified the line breeding principals used in the stud to further improve the quality and consistency of the sheep. Selective line breeding was also used by the family to enhance positive traits and reduce negative traits in the sheep, and Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer programs were introduced to maximise genetic gains.


Selective Line Breeding

Resulting in improved the quality and consistency.


Artificial Insemination

For controlled genetic improvement.


Embryo Transfer

Introduced to maximise genetic gains.

Tattykeel Australian White lamb has been proven to have superior eating quality, with natural marbling of intramuscular fat, low fat melting points and is a natural source of Omega 3.


Tattykeel Poll Dorset’s are true to their breed type. They are moderate in size, packed with meat and genetically bred to finish on grass. Their genetics are Homozygous, so they throw consistent lambs when used as a terminal sire.

This has resulted in Tattykeel genetics being sort after by quality processors like Breakout River Meats Cowra, and the lambs being termed as “Tattykeel Type” at saleyards.


Tattykeel is the Birth Place of the Australian White Sheep Breed.

The Australian White was developed to be a self-replacing, haired, meat sheep that required minimal maintenance. The four breeds of sheep that were selected to develop the breed were chosen for specific traits they could bring to the breed. These breeds were the Poll Dorset, Texel, White Dorper and Van Rooy.

Graham, his brother Martin, and his sons James and Ross controlled the development of the breed through rigorous selection and breeding programs on the Tattykeel properties in Black Springs NSW.


The Tattykeel Angus Stud was founded in 2014 with it’s first genetics sourced from Miller Wilson Angus ‘DMM’ in Canada.

Our main objective is to breed soft, easy doing animals that are able to finish on pasture. In order to achieve this we have focused on selecting animals that are structurally sound, with good confirmation, a moderate frame, good muscle pattern and carcass shape, we have also placed an emphasis on growth rates.


In response to the international demand for Tattykeel genetics, we have been exporting live animals, semen and embryos to North America, South America, the United Kingdom, Asia and South Sea Islands for over 25 years.



Tattykeel Global Pty Ltd can arrange the export of live animals and genetics around the globe.

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Sale Dates

Tattykeel are involved in a number of key sales during the year.

4th October 2024

4th October 2024

Tattykeel’s 49th Annual Poll Dorset Stud Sale

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4th October 2024

4th October 2024

Annual Flock Ram Sale

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25th September 2024

25th September 2024

11th Annual Australian White Sale

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