Australian White

Australian Whites

Tattykeel is the Birth Place of the Australian White Sheep Breed.

The Australian White was developed to be a self-replacing, haired, meat sheep that required minimal maintenance. The four breeds of sheep that were selected to develop the breed were chosen for specific traits they could bring to the breed. These breeds were the Poll Dorset, Texel, White Dorper and Van Rooy.

Graham, his brother Martin, and his sons James and Ross controlled the development of the breed through rigorous selection and breeding programs on the Tattykeel properties in Black Springs NSW.

Australian White sheep are suitable for a variety of environments and are adaptable to cold and hot climates. Their growth rate is repaid and they finish well on grass. They do not require shearing and negate the need to treat them for parasites. This is an easy care animal that is very profitable.

Since the breed was launched in 2011, the Tattykeel Team have continued to refine the breed. Continually selecting for improvement in the desired traits, conformation and eating quality. The breed is now being sought after all around the globe.

Australian White Sales

Tattykeel have pure Australian White Sheep, Semen and Embryos available year around for private sale.

Tattykeel will also have pure Australian White Sheep on offer at the following Auctions:

Tattykeel’s Southern NSW Sale
(held jointly with Camden Valley by invitation)

16th February 2022 at 1pm
On property at 46 Burkinshaws Lane, Tarcutta NSW

Tattykeel offering:
10 Stud Rams, 40 Stud Ewes and 110 Elite Flock Rams

Camden Valley offering:
4 Stud Rams, 30 Stud Ewes and 40 Elite Flock Rams

Tattykeel’s 9th Annual Stud Sale
28th September, 2022 at 12 noon.

30 Stud Rams, 150 Stud Ewes and 400 Flock Rams.

Further details will be made available closer to the sale date.

“Branxton Park” Tilsbury Lane, Black Springs (location of the Main Operation & ET Centre on the Mud Map)

See Mud Map for directions.

All sales will be listed with Auctions Plus

Auctions Plus

Tattykeel retains 100% semen share in all stud rams sold.

Delivery of Animals is available to all areas.

On property inspections are welcome by prior arrangement.

Tarcutta Sale 2022

2022 Tarcutta Australian White Sale

2022 Tarcutta Stud Rams

2022 Tarcutta Flock Ram’s

2022 Tarcutta Ewes

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